16 Best Bluetooth Speakers (2022): Portable, Waterproof & More

The best Bluetooth speakers still hold a place close to our hearts, even though we’ve seen better (and more portable) smart speakers creep into the universe.

It’s fun and easy to ask an Amazon Echo or Google Nest speaker to play your favorite song or tell you the weather, but smart speakers have a few crutches — first and foremost, stable Wi-Fi. By (usually) forgoing voice assistants and Wi-Fi radios, Bluetooth speakers become portable, with the ability to go outside your home and withstand rough conditions like the sandy beach or the steamy Airbnb Jacuzzi. They also work with any smartphone and they sound just as good as their smart speaker equivalents.

We’ve tested hundreds of models over the years and we’re happy to say that these are still some of the best small devices you can listen to. These are our favorites at the moment.

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Updated June 2022: We’ve added the Positive Grid Spark Mini, and information about the upcoming KEF LSX II Wireless.

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