16 Great Deals: Gaming Hardware, Technology and Pizza Ovens

There’s nothing free such as the feeling of fear that arises when a child says he is bored. We’ve rounded up some discounts on various services, subscriptions, games, and technology that can help pass the time. Be sure to check out our many buying guides for additional advice and product recommendations. Some summer-friendly options include guides to the best grills and the best co-op games.

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gaming offers

Sony PlayStation 5 DualSense wireless controller

Photo: Amazon

We shared this deal around Memorial Day, but it’s still there — and it’s a good one. It’s the first price drop we’ve seen for this WIRED-recommended controller. It has immersive, encompassing haptic feedback and healthy battery life, making it the best controller for the PlayStation 5. The wide range of eye-catching colors also helps. This historically low price is matched on walmartTargetBest Buyand GameStop† Check out our guide to the best PS5 accessories for more information.

This sale at GameStop is an inexpensive way to boost a game library, especially for kids who play on previous-generation consoles. The discount applies to games with the ‘Buy more, save more’ banner and the final price will be displayed at checkout. GameStop guarantees that every title will work, although some may not include the original box or manual. There is also a one-week money-back guarantee.

Game Pass Ultimate

Photo: Microsoft

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate gives members access to online gaming and a rotating library of free games. This offer is only valid for new members. Usually Xbox Game Pass Ultimate trial memberships are limited to one month, so this is like getting two bonus months for free. The subscription automatically renews at the monthly rate of $15. Be sure to set a reminder for yourself to cancel if you’re not interested in later charges. Our guide to the best gaming plans has more details about the service.

This bundle includes a one-year family membership to Nintendo Switch Online, which regularly costs $35, as well as a MicroSD card that typically retails for around $20. If you’re already in the market for the membership, or want to save some money on next year’s renewal, this deal is like getting the MicroSD card for free. With the family membership, up to eight players can access benefits (such as online play and free classic games). Read more about it here.

Anyone gaming on a PS5, Xbox Series X/S or PC should try it on a 4K OLED display. The inky blacks and vibrant colors will make your games (and movies) look spectacular. Combined with the 120 Hz screen refresh rate, you’ll enjoy smooth gameplay and an incredibly low input lag. The LG C1 OLED (8/10, recommended by WIRED) is our favorite TV for gamers for a reason.

Technical offers

Pixel 6 Pro.

Photo: Google

The Pixel 6 Pro (9/10, recommended by WIRED) rarely goes on sale. This $100 discount brings it to the lowest price we tracked. The Pixel 6 series is in our list of the best pixel phones, where editor Julian Chokkattu said they are the “best Android phones for the money.” The Pro version on sale today has a larger and smoother screen than the non-pro version, as well as an excellent camera with 4x optical zoom. This deal is also available at Amazon and Best Buy

This deal beats previous discounts by nearly $40. The One 5G Ace improves upon the flaws of Motorola’s Moto G series. Crucially, it has NFC support so you can pay contactless. It also supports sub-6 5G, so you can take advantage of the growing network no matter what carrier you’re on. It has two days of battery life and solid performance. Just know that this phone is stuck on Android 11 and will not receive any more Android version upgrades. Check out our list of the best cheap phones for additional choices.

We haven’t tested this gimbal yet, but we liked the previous versions. With this discount, the Osmo Mobile 5 is even cheaper than its predecessor, the Osmo Mobile 4 (8/10, WIRED recommended). A gimbal like this is great for filming videos on a smartphone. It’s the perfect companion for a YouTube or TikTok content creator, it can also come in handy when capturing a family vacation or a child’s first steps. It gives mobile videos a cinematic flair, with smooth movement and no jitters or vibrations. It can also be used as a monopod for taking better selfies. The OM 5 is compatible with iPhone and Android smartphones.

Chromecast with Google TV

Photo: Google

Chromecast with Google TV (8/10, recommended by WIRED) may have a confusing product name, but it’s one of our favorite 4K streaming sticks, especially if you prefer casting content from your phone or laptop to the TV. Unlike older Chromecasts, it is doing have a built-in interface and a nice remote so you can fully control it without having to pick up your phone too. We don’t like the minimal storage space, which requires you to manually clear the cache from time to time, but this is still a great replacement for most built-in TV interfaces. Just plug it into your TV’s HDMI input (and a wall outlet).

The Nest Thermostat bounces between $100 and $130 a few times a year. It usually doesn’t drop lower than this in price outside of special occasions like Black Friday. A smart thermostat like this one can save you money over time. It can intelligently cool or heat your home in a more economical way, such as increasing the temperature in the summer when the house is empty, or lowering the temperature a bit when everyone is sleeping in the winter. Your energy supplier may even reimburse part of your purchase with a discount† Check out our guide to setting up your Nest Thermostat for installation tips.

Somewhere between a small Bluetooth speaker and a large touchscreen display lies the Google Nest Hub (7/10, WIRED Review). It’s kind of a hybrid – the perfect size for a nightstand and a decent size for the countertop. There’s a built-in smart assistant for convenience, but the interface is slow enough at times to make it feel a little less than smart. There’s the seemingly necessary, slightly creepy look to give a company more access to your data, but no hackable physical built-in camera. This deal is one of the best we’ve seen. Read more about it and other smart displays in our dedicated buying guide. If you’re entering the world of smart speakers for the first time, so is the Google Nest Mini on sale for $30 ($20 off)

Sonos Roam

Photo: Sonos

The Sonos Roam (9/10, WIRED recommended) was the company’s first Bluetooth speaker, and in true Sonos fashion, the slim chassis offers powerful sound. It’s one of our favorite Bluetooth speakers. The companion app makes it easy to control playback with popular music streaming services, and there’s voice assistant compatibility too. The battery lasts about 10 hours on a single charge. Learn more in our Best Sonos Speakers guide.

This is the best price we’ve seen all year for the best noise-cancelling wireless earbuds, and it comes close to Amazon’s historically low price of $218. Our in-depth review notes that the earbuds offer good sound quality, long battery life and have excellent noise reduction technology. The main problem is that they are fit; they are not suitable for smaller ears. Our guide to the best wireless earbuds has alternative options.

Other great offers

Solo Stove Pic

Photo: Solo Stove

We presented this deal last week, but it is still running and still excellent. This is one of our new favorite pizza ovens. It’s compact, great for cooking with cast iron pans, and the flat top acts as an extra cooking surface. You can read more about it in our review (8/10, WIRED Recommends).

Camping is much better when you can sleep comfortably. I’ve used this crib and air mattress combo before and it made a huge difference in my overall attitude to the great outdoors. After inflating the mattress with the supplied pump, simply unfold the crib frame and place the mattress on top. It’s not too big or bulky, although it can make some noise if you’re a restless sleeper. Even small side tables are attached to the frame, making camping feel more like home. Don’t get me wrong – it’s still an air mattress that probably won’t be as comfortable as what you’re used to, but it did elevate my camping experience.

If you’re anything like me, you’re spending way too much at Doordash. This deal is an easy way to save $10 if you’re going to spend $100 anyway. It can also be a good gift for college age kids who feed themselves with ramen noodles and caffeine. The deal requires a Paypal account (free to join). There is a limit of two gift cards per customer.

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