Best Kindle (2022): Which Amazon Ebook Reader Should You Buy?

Kindles have useful features that you may want to take advantage of. Long press a word or phrase to be . to see definitionHighlight it, or take notes† You can also search the entire book for that specific word or phrase or translate it from or into other languages.

word wise shows short definitions in small text within the lines. Unfortunately, it’s not available for all books, but if it is, you can toggle it on or off and choose more and less hints. Clicking on the short definition opens a longer one from Word Wise and the New Oxford American Dictionary or Oxford Dictionary of English (you can switch between the two), plus translations and a Wikipedia page, if applicable.

While reading, tap the top of the screen and click “Aa” to change font size or type-there’s even a font called OpenDyslexic that makes reading easier for people with dyslexia. You can also control the margins and line spacing from that menu.

When the Kindle is connected to a Bluetooth speaker or headphones, VoiceView screen reader (accessible via settings → accessibility), you can use gestures to navigate your device and read aloud what you have pressed. It also reads a book aloud, although it doesn’t sound nearly as nice as an audiobook.

Amazon owns good readso that it syncs seamlessly with Kindles (press the three-dot menu → Goodreads† If you have a Goodreads account, you can view the Kindle books you’ve read or browse your bookshelf and recommendations. Long-pressing on any word or phrase in addition to what’s listed above will open an option to share quotes directly on Goodreads.

There is a web browser even if you are connected to the Internet (three-dot menu → Web browser† It’s not the best so I’d reserve it for emergency searches.

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