Blockchain-based Metajuice unveils its NFT marketplace on IMVU metaverse

Blockchain firm Metajuice, a subsidiary of Together Labs, has announced the launch of its NFT marketplace in the avatar-focused social network IMVU metaverse. The blockchain company has teamed up with IMVU makers for its inaugural collection of wearable apparel NFTs in the world.

“The NFT marketplace is focused on unlocking new functionality that our users look forward to, and giving our 200,000 creators more ways to make money,” said Daren Tsui, CEO of Together Labs.

According to an official statement, IMVU users will be able to carry and showcase their NFTs in the metaverse in the first phase of launch. Users get a special badge and name color in the room and in the chat, based on their NFT choice. Other users can see that and click on the avatar and find the information and metadata about the NFT that makes them look special.

As John Burris, president of MetaJuice, stated, IMVU users have been purchasing millions of dollars worth of digital goods every month. “With the benefits of exclusives, limited runs and resell, we believe NFTs will be an addition to our virtual economy,” he added.

To open the NFT marketplace, the metaverse platform will partner with the metaverse-native luxury fashion house Auroboros to host a design challenge. The challenge will be to create a digital couture design with symbols and textures inspired by nature, created by Auroboros. These designs can be turned into digital wearables and NFTs to be displayed and sold on the IMVU NFT Marketplace, and the creators will receive a portion of the sales as part of the pricing package.

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