Cometeer No-Machine-Necessary Coffee Pads Review: High Quality Brew

i hate coffee pods. Keurig and his ilk have never given me anything but a shockingly mediocre cup of coffee. To make matters worse, burying those beans in single-use plastic is a waste of the environment. So when Cometeer showed up in my inbox, I was more than a little skeptical.

Here was a company that sold convenience in a small aluminum cup – brewed coffee, shipped to you frozen and packed in dry ice. I was so ready to go on a screed about the evils of single-use coffee pods and the bland, flavorless coffee they produce. Then I tried, and tried again, and again. Now I drink it every day. It replaced my afternoon iced coffee. If you had warned me a few weeks ago that I was going to type that sentence, I wouldn’t have believed you.

Dead for instant

Photo: Cometeer

Instant coffee fills me with an oceanic sadness. It tastes like waking up in a cheap hotel, panicking and packing your clothes so you don’t miss your flight. It tastes like waking up and realizing that you slept through your alarm and that you will be late for work and maybe lose your job. I’d rather not drink coffee than instant coffee.

On the other hand, freshly brewed coffee every day makes my morning. I don’t turn my nose up at Folgers or Maxwell House or any other supermarket brand. If that’s what there is, I’ll drink it. I’m just busy, and like all coffee pod companies, Cometeer sells convenience.

After tasting it, I’ll say there’s a world of difference between one of these little coffee pods and anything you’d get out of a Keurig or a freeze-dried powder. Once your Cometeer capsules arrive, they go straight into your freezer until you’re ready for a cup.

If you drink it hot, it will come together in the time it takes your kettle to boil. Simply put the pod in a cup and add hot water. If you want it ice cold, thaw the pod in warm water for about five minutes, otherwise you’ll have a small frozen coffee puck floating around in your milk. As with Nescafe and Keurig, it saves time if you are impatient or someone who wants a cup of coffee on the go. The difference is that Cometeer coffee actually tastes good.

In addition to a fresh espresso, Cometeer coffee pods are noticeable different† There’s a bit of a sweet note, like coming out of a bottle of cold brew from a supermarket reminding you that this isn’t exactly fresh. But add a splash of hot water to make it an Americano, and frankly it’s pretty hard to tell the difference depending on the pod.

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