Delhi Metro has sanctioned more than 500 riders in the first week of June for violating Covid standards, other violations

More than 500 Delhi Metro passengers were sanctioned by authorities in the first week of June for violating various standards, including those for containment of COVID-19, officials said Thursday.

In addition, flying squads are conducting random inspections to ensure people adhere to Covid-appropriate behavior amid a spike in coronavirus cases, they said.

Delhi has reported more than 7,100 cases of coronavirus in the past 10 days and the positivity rate has risen from 1.92 percent on June 7 to 7.01 percent on June 15, according to official figures.

The capital had registered 1,375 Covid cases on Wednesday, the highest daily number in a month, and zero deaths.

Flying squads monitor passengers who violate Covid standards, such as not wearing a mask or wearing it inappropriately, or not adhering to social distancing and other rules.

In May, 2,158 people were sanctioned for causing a nuisance (under section 59 of the DMRC’s O&M Act), and in the first week of June, more than 500 passengers were sanctioned under the same section, a senior DMRC official said.

“Covid-related violations are only included in this section. A large number of these reported violations are related to violations of Covid safety standards,” said another senior official.

The number of COVID-19 cases has steadily risen over the past 10 days as the daily number soared to more than 1,300 on June 15 from 247 on June 6, a total of 7,175 cases over this period, according to official data shared by the city’s health department.

“The flying squadrons randomly check passengers and make sure people adhere to Covid-appropriate behavior. Hand disinfectants are also provided. Any additional guidance, if mandated by the DDMA, will also be implemented,” said Anuj Dayal, Principal Executive Director, Corporate Communications, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC).

To raise awareness among people, several social media campaigns have also been launched.

The Delhi Metro has also run multiple campaigns on its official social media to raise awareness about the Covid situation. Announcements about this will also be made in trains and stations, officials said.

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