Duolingo English Test launches brand movie about transformative skills testing

Duolingo English Test has released a branded film titled A bridge to opportunity: Study abroad with the Duolingo English Test. Featuring the stories of 16 real students, the film shows how the DET bridges the gap for students who want to fulfill their dreams of studying abroad.

“We traveled to five cities in four countries to interview 16 university students about the challenges of studying abroad, the evolution of the testing industry and the life-changing power of higher education. I wanted to thank the students, without whom we wouldn’t have a story. Testing should be a bridge, not a barrier,” said Caroline Moylan, marketing manager, brand experience, Duolingo English Test

Produced by Pittsburgh-based agency Animal Studios and shot in four countries, the film depicts the lives these students lead as they experience life at their dream university. The students in the video come from all over the world, including countries such as India, Japan, the UK, China, Syria, Germany, Indonesia, Colombia and Singapore.

Danny Yourd, Director of Animal Studio, said: “We enjoyed the challenge of making films across countries and borders and putting together stories from these inspiring students. We were thrilled to be working with the team to to be able to produce this piece that is close to our hearts.”

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