G7 leaders discuss reviving nuclear talks with Iran, says French official

G7 leaders will discuss the prospect of reviving nuclear talks with Iran after the European Union’s foreign policy chief meets with senior officials in Tehran to try to unblock stalled negotiations, an official from the European Union said. French presidency on Sunday.

Iran’s indirect talks with the United States on reviving the 2015 nuclear pact will resume soon, Iran’s foreign minister said Saturday amid a push from Josep Borrell to break a months-long standoff.

The official said talks would take place at a dinner between leaders of the Group of Seven Rich Nations on Sunday and more detailed talks would take place between France, Britain, Germany and the United States on Tuesday morning.

The three European powers are parties to the nuclear deal, from which then-US President Donald Trump withdrew in 2018. Under the accord, Iran agreed to curb its nuclear program in exchange for the easing of economic sanctions.

The pact appeared to be revived in March when the EU — which is coordinating the negotiations — invited foreign ministers representing the accord’s parties to Vienna to negotiate an agreement after 11 months of indirect talks between Tehran and the administration of President Joe Biden.

But talks have stalled since then, mainly due to Tehran’s insistence that Washington remove the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), its elite security force, from the US Foreign Terrorist Organization’s list.

“Talks between our teams have intensified,” the French official said, adding that it was crucial to revive the pact for the benefits of nuclear non-proliferation, regional security and also to see how it all fits together. on the issue of high oil prices.

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