Garmin launches Vivosmart 5 fitness tracker: check out the price and specs in India

Garmin has launched the Vivosmart 5 fitness tracker, a smart wearable with features such as heart rate and body battery energy monitors and stress tracker, in India.

The Garmin Vivosmart 5 also features women’s health tracking, steps and calories counting, intensity minutes tracking, and sleep and blood oxygen levels tracking. The Vivosmart 5, which launched in the United States in April, can run for up to seven days on a single charge, Garmin said.


Garmin has priced the Vivosmart 5 at Rs 14,990 and will be available in black and mint variants. The fitness tracker is available for purchase through the official website of Garmin, Flipkart, Amazon and Synergizer, the authorized distributor.


The Garmin Vivosmart 5 fitness tracker has a 0.73-inch OLED display with a screen resolution of 88×154 pixels. The smaller variant has a circumference of 122-188 mm, while the larger one has a circumference of 148-228 mm. The fitness tracker comes with multiple sensors, including a pulse oxygen saturation sensor, Garmin Elevate heart rate sensor, as well as an accelerometer and an ambient light sensor.

While Garmin hasn’t offered a water-resistance (IP) rating, the company said users don’t need to remove the band if they go swimming. The fitness tracker is compatible with both iOS and Android.

Health monitoring features include a heart rate monitor, blood oxygen tracker, advanced sleep monitor, stress tracker, and women’s health tracker. Other features of the fitness tracker include the body battery energy monitoring, which records the energy levels of the body throughout the day to find the best time for activity and rest.

The Garmin Vivosmart 5 also comes with a Hydration Tracking feature that tracks the wearer’s daily fluid intake and sends a reminder to stay hydrated. Users can also set an automatic hydration target that takes sweat into account. Another feature, breathing tracking, shows the wearer’s breathing.

The fitness age function of the fitness tracker uses the wearer’s chronological age, resting heart rate, weekly vigorous activity, and body fat percentage to estimate whether the body is younger or older than they are. The smart tracker also gives tips to lower their fitness age.

Users also get a pedometer, distance data, calories burned and support for gym exercises and sports. Connectivity features include Bluetooth Smart and ANT+.

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