International Day of Yoga: RESET TECH Launches ‘Swastha Shakti Programme’ for Disease Free India

RESET TECH, an AI-powered health-tech platform, announced Tuesday the launch of the ‘Swastha Shakti Program’ on this International Day of Yoga. The program organizes wellness activities, holistic offerings and masterclasses as part of this initiative. This is part of the recently launched nationwide movement called ‘Disease-Free India’ – ‘Rog Mukt Bharat’, the company claims.

“The aim of the program is to raise awareness of the increasing cases of chronic diseases among Indians as a result of their lifestyle choices and to bring to light how the use of alternative and traditional medicine will enable them to recover. The first leg of the initiative starts today and will run until September 20, 2022 on the recently launched health app Aayu,” the company said.

According to the company’s press release, the program aims to reach more than 5 million people within 5 years. The initiative will be digitally hosted on the Aayu app and will effectively provide users with personalized wellness solutions and offer free doctor consultations based on a person’s personal history. It will continue to monitor the progress of the individuals, allowing them to speed up their healing and recovery.

The Swastha Shakti program will include leading wellness experts, holistic healers and yoga therapy professionals. It will also receive voices of support from business leaders, actors and musicians from across India. The program will host key industry stakeholders who will contribute and share their expertise and knowledge, it claimed Tuesday.

“India is going through a health crisis due to the increase in unhealthy lifestyle choices and the increase in chronic diseases caused by unhealthy lifestyle. I am happy to be a part of the Swastha Shakti program and support the Disease Free India movement in any way I can. It’s high time this gets some attention and I hope this move will bring about the change,” said Dr. Mickey Mehta, leading global holistic health guru in a statement.

“We are delighted to introduce the Swastha Shakti Program in collaboration with S-VYASA on this International Day of Yoga. India is on the brink of a health crisis and that is why we started this movement with the aim of making Indians healthier through authentic and science-based yoga. We hope to spread awareness among people and hope that they will come forward to experience the benefits and heal and heal themselves,” stated Karan Talreja, founder and general manager of RESET TECH.

In addition, several key opinion leaders from healthcare, business, sports, entertainment, spirituality and others will participate in the initiative through various events and activities over the next 90 days.

“Aayu app users can take advantage of the various holistic healing tips and modules provided daily by the experts. Then they can choose a healing program on the Aayu app and get a yoga-based treatment for chronic conditions,” it said.

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