Murder of Sidhu Moosewala: Two head gunmen arrested by Delhi police, one of them was in direct contact with Goldy Brar

Delhi police on Monday arrested two of the main gunmen involved in the murder of Punjabi singer-politician Sidhu Moosewala, who was shot dead on May 29 in the Mansa district. making the arrests.

The two suspects have been identified as Priyavrat (26) and Kashish (24). Police said Priyavrat was the head shooter and was in direct contact with Canada-based mobster Goldy Brar at the time of the incident.

Fauji from Haryana was previously a member of the Ramkaran gang and worked as a marksman. He reportedly led the squad of gunmen involved in Moosewala’s murder and was in direct contact with Brar. Fauji was previously involved in two murder cases and was arrested in 2015.

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