Regrettably, there is still no constitutional agreement to hold elections in Libya: India

India has said it is regrettable that there is still no agreement on the constitutional basis for holding elections in Libya, stating that the priority now is to ensure that elections take place as early as possible in a free, fair, inclusive and credible manner. Adviser to the Permanent Mission of India to the UN R. Madhu Sudan said Monday at the Security Council briefing and consultations on Libya that New Delhi notes with concern the progress made since the signing of the ceasefire agreement. agreement is not only in danger of coming to a standstill, but there are also indications of a risk of relapse.

“We have learned with great concern the reports of armed clashes and mobilizations of armed groups in and around Tripoli. “It is also regrettable that there is still no agreement on the constitutional basis for holding elections,” he said, adding that India notes that the Speaker of the House of Representatives Aguila Saleh and the Speaker of the Supreme Council of State Khaled Al-Mishri are on the agenda. to meet at the UN office in Geneva on June 28-29 to discuss the draft constitutional framework for holding elections.

“We urge all parties involved to strive for a peaceful resolution of all unresolved political issues, taking into account the greater interests of the Libyan people. We hope that all sides will work together to maintain peace and stability in the country. In this regard, we reiterate the importance of holding presidential and parliamentary elections at the earliest. It has been about half a year since the missed election milestone decided by the Libyans themselves. It is important that the stalemate does not continue,” he said, adding that it is important to ensure that the political process in Libya is fully Libyan-led and in Libyan hands, without imposition or external interference.

India stressed that the priority now is to ensure that elections are held as early as possible in a free, fair, inclusive and credible manner. “We hope that all parties in Libya can unite around this common goal. It is important that the Security Council and the international community support the Libyan people in preparing for the elections. Violence of any kind could undermine progress made since 2020 and must be vigorously combated.” He further noted that it is also important for the international community to focus its attention on the threat of terrorism in Africa, especially in the Sahel region. Reports from the Secretary General and the panel of experts have highlighted the presence of ISIL and its affiliates training camps in southern Libya.

“IS’ continued ability to carry out attacks is deeply concerning. The focus of this Council should be to eliminate any threat from IS and other terror groups anywhere in the world. Terrorism is a growing threat to Africa and it is important that the Security Council focuses on this issue before it is too late,” he said.

India stressed that it is also important to see concrete progress in the full and complete withdrawal of foreign troops and mercenaries. “It is regrettable that after more than a year and a half since the ceasefire was signed, we have not seen any tangible progress in this regard. The continued presence of foreign troops and mercenaries is detrimental to the peace and stability of the country and the region.” “We would like to emphasize here that, as has been very clearly noted by the panel of experts of the Libyan Sanctions Committee in their recent report, the so-called military training provided by some countries and the presence of their troops on Libyan soil is also a clear violation of the Security Council resolutions,” he said. He further stressed the importance of planning for the disarmament, demobilization and reintegration of armed groups and non-state armed actors. “Libya also needs an inclusive and comprehensive national reconciliation process.”

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