Social Media Day 2022: The art and science of making it big

By Sidhharrth S Kumaar

In modern times, social media has become a crucial tool for connecting with individuals around the world, providing a seamless exchange of ideas, information and culture.

The journey of social media has evolved from a medium for exchanging ideas to an intrinsic tool for understanding and measuring consumer insights for businesses.

In addition, social media creates jobs and connects individuals around the world. Because each platform has a unique method for sharing information and monetizing content, it is common for organizations to employ many social media managers.

The vitality of social media is not limited to businesses; it has opened the door to a next-generation career opportunity as content creators and has created a future of the content economy.

To express gratitude and comment on the transformation of life fueled by social media, June 30 was marked as “Social Media Day” and has been observed regularly since 2010.

Social Media Day: Astro-numerological display

June 30 is a day that carried the energy of Jupiter and Mercury according to the principles of zero numerology. Moreover, June is the 6th month of the year and the number 6 is ruled by Venus.

Jupiter is the planet responsible for intellectual abilities and creation, simultaneously utilizing the intellect, Mercury is the planet responsible for the expression of intellect to the general public, and Venus is a planet responsible for the public name, fame, monetary rewards, and recognition.

June 30 contains all vital energies of planets and elements in sync with the energies of social media.

Art and science of getting big on social media

The number of people who want to become big on social media and achieve monetary reward, name, fame and impact on society is quite large compared to the number of people who can achieve it.

In addition to hard work, there must be a factor that determines success on social media.

That factor is the name and date of birth of a person who has potentially hidden and enrolled to achieve this.

An important point worth mentioning is: ‘Happiness is good for the brave’; in the same way, our date of birth and name form a potential energy, and one has to convert it into kinetic energy through effort.

You can align your energy with the cosmic energy of the universe by using the principles of Astro-numerology and managing social media using numerology.

DIY Social Media Tips Based on Zero Numerology


Color is a vibrant source of energy that nature has embedded and gifted to humanity. Each color and hue is determined by certain planets and elements, which in turn are in sync with the cosmic energy of the universe.

One should select colors that are appropriate for the person (based on date of birth and name) and in accordance with the industry segment of the content.


Time is the most powerful thing in this world, and someone who can proactively control time will emerge victorious.

At NumroVani, we conducted a retrospective analysis of 5K+ social media posts that went viral or received public attention; it was observed that each of the posts was placed on an appropriate time person and social media handle.

Even posts for which a person was criticized or trolled were posted on time, which the person did not support.

One must select the time of the post, which is in sync with the energy of the person and the energy of the segment.

Social Media Handle/Custom URL

This is one of the most crucial elements in the social media journey, which is the foundation of a social media presence.

One should select a social media handle that syncs with the person’s date of birth and name.

For example, Virat Kohli uses the social media handle i.e. “Virat.Kohli” on Instagram, and he is the first Indian to have more than 200 million followers on the platform. Following the principles of zero numerology, the social media handle is at 32 (5), which is in sync with Virat’s energies.

Another example could be our esteemed Prime Minister Narendra Modi who uses “Narendra Modi” as social media handle and numerologically it also adds to 41(5).

A careful approach to synchronizing this energy creates a foundation for the growth journey.

These are some important parameters to be compiled; healing numbers, swap words, and yantras can be used to manifest certain energies in social media descriptions, posts, hashtags, etc.

The way forward

On this social media day, align your energy of date of birth and name with the cosmic energy of the universe and give it a facelift towards growth.

(The author, Sidhharrth S Kumaar, is founder of NumroVani and Astro Numerologist, Spiritual Business & Personalized Wellness Coach. He is a well-known name in astronumerology. The opinions expressed are personal and do not reflect the official position or policy of the Financial Express Online .)

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