The best movies and TV to stream this week: May 5

Rebecca Ferguson and David Oyelowo in Silo. Thanks to Apple TV+

A period prequel, multiple sci-fi shows, and major dramas from the past year are some of the heavyweights on streaming this week. The series are mini, but pack a lot, and the movies are sure to twist your heart, so have your tissues ready.

What to watch on Netflix

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story

Bridgerton has been a real breakout hit for Netflix, so why not watch a new series about one of the show’s breakout characters? Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story serves as a prequel, focusing on a rising Charlotte as she travels to England from Germany and is about to be married to King George. Questions swirl about their romance and the change Charlotte can bring to court, while stuffy gentlemen and ladies fret about their position. With gorgeous dresses, huge wigs and decadent balls, the miniseries offers “lavish escapism with a dash of social commentary.” Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story premieres Thursday, May 4e.

A man named Otto

Beloved American actor Tom Hanks takes on the role of a grouchy old man from a recent Swedish classic. A man named Otto features Hanks as the titular character, an elderly man who has just lost his wife of many decades. He is wracked with depression and more than tempted to commit suicide, but his dark thoughts are constantly interrupted by his aggressively cheerful new neighbors. As they force him to open up, Otto begins to run into more members of the community who show him what he has yet to live for. A man named Otto premieres on streaming Saturday, May 6e.

What to watch on Hulu

Class of ’09

The power of artificial intelligence in the US criminal justice system is central Class of ’09. This miniseries follows a class of FBI agents through the past, present and future as technological advancements bring about major changes not only in their field of work, but also in their lives. Online surveillance is the latest undercover work and new security programs threaten individuals’ privacy – but that’s just the here and now. The series looks ahead a decade or two, when these changes have gone unchecked and conspiracies abound. Brian Tyree Henry and Kate Mara star. The first two episodes of Class of ’09 premiere on Wednesday, May 10e.

What to watch on Amazon Prime


Until is one of last year’s films that was widely considered rejected at the Oscars, mainly because the awards show overlooked a heartbreaking performance by Danielle Deadwyler. The film revolves around Mamie Till Mobley, the mother of Emmett Till, as she deals with the aftermath of her son’s horrific lynching. The film depicts her rise from devastated mother to civil rights activist, and it’s emotionally charged in a way few historical biopics are. Deadwyler’s powerhouse performance is the main event here, but the rest of the movie has the goods to back her up. Until streams from Tuesday 9 Maye.

What to watch on Apple TV+


This new dystopian series is as thrilling as it is chilling. Silo is set in a future where there are only ten thousand humans left on Earth, all living in an underground bunker that protects them from the toxic world above. What exactly makes the planet so uninhabitable is a bit unclear, but that’s the mystery at the heart of the show. Rebecca Ferguson plays an engineer named Juliette, a woman who feels compelled to investigate the bunker’s secrets after the den’s sheriff (David Oyelowo) and his wife (Rashida Jones) make a consequential discovery. Silo premieres on Friday, May 5e.

What to see on Peacock


In BupkisPete Davidson stars as Pete Davidson – but it’s not so much autobiographical as semi-fictional, a la Control your enthusiasm. This new comedy presents Davidson’s life and times as he attempts to reinvent himself and his controversial image based on his hometown of Staten Island. There he enjoys the company of Edie Falco as his mother, Joe Pesci as his grandfather and Bobby Cannavale as his uncle. Aside from his family, he knows a wide community of comedians, from Ray Romano to John Mulaney, and they have advice and heroics to offer in equal measure. Bupkis premieres Thursday, May 4e.

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What's on streaming this week: May 5-11

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