Wunderman Thompson India Launches Wunderman Thompson Health

Wunderman Thompson India has officially launched Wunderman Thompson Health (WT Health). With the healthcare industry experiencing exponential growth in recent years, Wunderman Thompson India’s new specialist practice is a response to the times and offers a unique range of services that will help health and wellness brands connect with consumers and health professionals in a more meaningful way. (HCPs) around the world. all communication platforms, the company said in a statement. With a multidisciplinary team of more than 100 employees, WT Health has experts in creative, medical legal, compliance and public health; ensure that technology, creativity and data are the driving forces behind humanizing the care and wellbeing experience.

“We couldn’t have picked a better time to launch our specialist practice of Wunderman Thompson Health, as the healthcare market is poised for exponential growth driven by unprecedented demand for robust health and wellness solutions. Health and wellness brands are looking for a partner who understands the specific nuances of healthcare marketing, and we believe we can provide business solutions to brands and unlock growth by leveraging our core strengths of creative, strategy and martech.” Shamsuddin Jasani, chief executive officer (CEO), Wunderman Thompson South Asia, said.

According to the agency, WT Health will focus on driving excellence in an evolving healthcare industry and delivering products that are insight-driven and innovative to positively impact key stakeholders.

For Srikant Subramanian, Business Development Director, Wunderman Thompson India, technological advancement makes the next chapter in healthcare very exciting. “In the ever-evolving and digitally transforming ecosystem, it’s so important to tailor communications for each audience and develop optimized ways to engage with them, be it HCPs, patients, MRs or pharmacies. Our strategic technology partnerships, leveraging our in-house medical professionals, enable us to truly deliver end-to-end omnichannel healthcare,” he added.

“Healthcare has evolved tremendously in the past 19 months compared to the past 19 years. Current developments have forced the industry to develop at an unprecedented pace and have dramatically accelerated the adoption of digital healthcare. With its roots in strategy and its complete range of services, Wunderman Thompson Health has a unique offering that will help clients achieve their goals in these dynamic times,” said Samarth Shrivastava, senior vice president and executive business director, Wunderman Thompson India.

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